I will always thank the Lord; I will never stop praising him. I will praise him for what he has done; Psalms 34:1,2

  1. Pray to reach 10,000 villages in 2020 by sending 2000 native workers and for believers to pray and adopt 10,000 villages.
  2. Pray that 10,857 people who are getting ready for the preparatory classes of the faith confession services that are held in the fields of 23 states in India to be strengthened in the power of God.
  3. 11,298 villages are surveyed for the ministry. Pray that the Master of Harvest will give workers for the harvest.
  4. 1000 missionaries’ dedication is being organized by the Tuticorin believers on 1st May 2020 commemorating 40 years of Vishwa Vani Ministry.
  5. Pray that 200 church buildings will be dedicated in 2020 through the grace of God.
  6. Pray for the ministry among the Khortha language group in Jharkhand and the opening of development ministry in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram states.
  7. Pray that the 2834 worship groups to became strong Bible Teaching Centers. Pray for all the missionaries and staff.
  8. Pray that the financial needs to publish the Samarpan magazine in 12 languages to be met through the subscribers and pray to get the right staff for Nepali Samarpan magazine production.
  9. Pray for the efforts being taken to build training centers at Pathankot(Punjab) and Banswara (Rajasthan).
  10. We need Rs.77 crore to achieve the mission in 2020. May the Lord join new ministry partners to pray and support.
  11. Pray for the teachers who are working at 5 English schools and for the caretakers of 11 Child Care Centers and other community development activities.
  12. Pray for Dr.Mrs.Ananthi Jebasingh who is heading ‘ The Good Samaritans ‘ ministry, Selvaraj Annan who is heading the ‘ Vishwa Vani Network’ ministries, rev.W.Wilson Gnanakumar, Executive Director, Vishwa Vani. Directors Bp, Anand Singh, North India, Rev.Ashanand Lima, North East India, Rev.M.Augustine, South Central & West India, Rev. Paulas Pawar. General secretary of Vishwa Vani Churches and Bro. Vijay Kumar Babuji, National Coordinator of Vishwasi Sangati.
  1. Please pray for the following Vishwa Vani fulltime workers who are Covid-19 positive. Bro. Alex Morris ( Dehli), Bro. E.R. Robert and his family (Hyderabad) and Bro T. Ravi and Bro. N. Nageswara Rao (Andhra Pradesh).
  2. Vishwa Vani full-time worker Bro. Rajeev Giri (Kolkata) is suffering from pulmonary edema(excess fluids in the lungs), Please pray for his healing.
  3. Vishwa Vani full-time worker Bro Jaspal Singh (Punjab) has stones in his kidney, Please pray.
  4. Vishwa Vani full-time worker Bro. Phiroz Soren (West Bengal) has water in his lungs and liver, please pray for his healing.
  5. Vishwa Vani missionary Bro. B. Prakash is facing persecution in the village Rastakuntabai (Andhra Pradesh).
  6. Vishwa Vani missionary Bro. K. Bheemudu (Andhra Pradesh) is suffering from Malaria.
  7. Vishwa Vani missionary Bro. Subba Rao (Andhra Pradesh) met with an accident and got hand fractured.
  8. Please remember missionaries, Bro. Sonu Kumar (UP) and missionary Bro. Bipul (Assam) in your earnest prayers who are facing opposition in mission fields.

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