10.01.1941 – 19.12.2013

Dr. N. Emil Jebasingh, a gift to the Nation, whose thirst for perishing souls bombarded many young men to pour their lives for the sake of the Gospel. His 45 years of ministry life was the Golden period in the history of Indian missions. He was fondly called as ‘Annan’ by all. Among the servants of God, he stands unique in preaching the Word of God, in His prayer life and humbleness. His pen was mightier, His speech transformed many hearts to do soul winning. He penned 135 songs which gave new life to mission songs.

Such a gifted man of God was brought to this world through Rev. Y.C. Navami and Mrs. Grace Navamani on 10.01.1941. At the age of 17, He was lead to Jesus through Mr. P. Samuel and Mr. Jeevanantham. From the day he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior he obeyed the Last Commandment of Jesus Christ. He resigned the job as a professor in Pope’s college, Sawyerpuram and moved forward in the Lord’s work. He never turned back from then on.

On those days, he has actively involved in VBS (Vacation Bible School) ministries. As his heart is pounding for the people who do not hear Jesus once gave birth to Friends Missionary Prayer Band. He was also the Regional Director for South Asia of Trans World Radio. He utilized Radio as a means to send the Gospel to many interior villages and many language groups of the Indian sub-continent.

As per Romans 15:20 “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.” He and his co-workers in Christ prayed and started ‘Vishwavani’ on 01.05.1980 in Rabbit Island of Tuticorin. Mission fields were opened one after the other and the first generation believers flourished. In order to strengthen the first-generation believers, the ‘India Believers Fellowship’ was started as a sister organization. The church bells chimed in many unreached villages through India Believers Fellowship. In order to uplift the social status of our beloved Indian people groups, he founded ‘The Good Samaritans’, ‘Vishwas Sangati’, which transformed many needy families. He founded the ‘BLESS India – Vision 2020’ in order to unite the entire mission in India.

He was affected by cancer in the pancreas by the mid of 2000. In the midst of his weakness, he was strengthened in the Lord’s word and was actively involved in the ministry for 13 years. He referred to God’s word in whatever he does. His prayer life, active lifestyle, zeal for missions, love for brethren, kindness in helping others, loving everyone equally without favoritism depicts the Saviour of his heart – JESUS.

Please pray for Mrs. Anandhi Jebasingh, 3 children and their families – Mrs. Dennisa Davidson, Mrs. Shalini Patras, Mr. Andrew Jebasingh, and 3957 full-time workers.

-Vishwavani Family