The goals of Vishwa Vani is to select believers rather than fulltime staff who have a burden and obey the Last Command of Jesus Christ and desire that all the Indians must receive the forgiveness of sin and holy life given by Jesus Christ . They are involved in secular jobs but, spare time for the work of the Lord intentionally and voluntarily.

They work with commitment to spreading the gospel in the villages that has not been reached with the gospel.

They join the development workers and work for promoting the ministry. They are called as the Vishwa Vani Representatives in the area.

  1. To distribute at least 20 Savings Boxes to 20 faithful families in 6 months.
  2. To maintain good/spiritual relationships with Savings Box holders and to receive their donations every six months with prayer and encouragement.
  3. To give receipt immediately for the amount received and send the money immediately to the concerned staff.
  4. To identify individuals, families and churches that would support the villages through the power of the Lord.
  5. To monitor if the village monthly progress report reaches the concern person who has adopted the village.
  6. To check whether the monthly magazine “Samarpan“ reaches the Savings Box holders and village adopters in their own language.
  7. To inform to the concerned staff, if there in any change in address of the donors and give the new address.
  8. To raise new representatives.
  9. To evaluate the work done in the ministry development meeting once in a month and to plan for the next three months.
  10. To have good spiritual relationship with the local church pastors, Savings Box Holders and village adopters.