The Vishwa Vani Believers Movement is a momentum among the believers.  To make sure of this, Vishwa Vani ministry has a country wide network to have effective partnership with believers, fellowships and churches.

Development meetings.

The Vishwa Vani development workers are working closely with the believers, fellowships and churches to pass the information’s about the opportunities where Gospel is needed. After receiving the survey reports, the development ministers will share the informations with believers personally, in fellowships and the Churches.  

If you are interested to make use of these opportunities, please visit public relation to find out the development staff that is near by your place.

State/ Zonal meetings.

The Vishwa Vani ministries are controlled by the committed believers those who are ready to spend their time, talents and treasures.  

The state and zonal meetings are conducted once in a year to enrich the representatives.

If you are interested to make use of these opportunities, please visit state wise informations to get the registration form for the state/ zonal meetings.

Prayer conferences

Vishwa Vani Prayer Net work (VPN) is conducting prayer conferences all over the country. Please visit Vishwa Vani Prayer Network.

National meet

The Vishwa Vani ministries use to conduct national meet annually to praise and plan with the representatives country wide. All the state wise representatives will gather for 3 days.

You may get the details of the next national meet on your state wise information.

We do help Churches, fellowships and other Christian institutions.

Also we do help Churches, fellowships and other Christian institutions in the mission related matters. (conducting conferences, addressing the meetings etc.)  We have a nation wide ministry team from different language groups and we are at your service for the Gospel












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