Model of a Local Church:
The Fellowship of Vishwa Vani Churches function as having 4 important dimensions -
1. The church that praises and worships the Triune God through individual and corporate worship.
2. The church that teaches purely from the Word of God.
3. The church that brings those who do not know Christ through the ministry of Good news.
4. The church that meets the needs of society through love in action.
Fellowship Groups in Local Church:
To strengthen the members of the church in the Word of the Lord and to meet the spiritual need of individuals, 5 different fellowship groups are formed in every church on the basis of age and gender. They gather as small groups every week and talk freely expressing their opinion, share their problems and pray for one another.

1. Barak Fellowship :Married men above 30 years old are members of Barak Fellowship.

2. Deborah fellowship : Married ladies above 30 years gather as Deborah Fellowship.

3. Timothy fellowship : Young men between the age of 18 and 30 form Timothy Fellowship.

4. Esther fellowship : Unmarried girls between the age of 16 and 30 are the members of Esther Fellowship.

5. Dorcas Fellowship Boys below 18 years and girls below 16 years gather as Dorcas Fellowship.
There will be a leader for each Fellowship Group.

Local church committee : Every church functions as self governing entity, Local Church Committee is formed with the members of the church Pastor, elders, stewards, Fellowship Leaders evangelist, along with the web monitor of Vishwa Vani Movement.

Sacraments of the Church
: According to teaching of the Gospel, India Believers Fellowship follows two sacraments - Holy baptism and Holy Communion.

: The members of Fellowship of Vishwa Vani Churches are the new believers through the church planting ministry of Vishwa Vani.

Holy Communion : Every first week of the month and in special services, the pastor who is ordained, as presbyter will administer Holy Communion.

Order of Service : Order of service, songs and music were designed according to the culture, in their own mother tongue.