• Vishwa Vani Gospel Movement Was Born To Proclaim The Gospel Where The Name Of Christ Has Not Been Proclaimed!

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  • To see the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ blessing villages in India.

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  • To reach out 1,00,000 villages 300 People Groups where the Spirit of God is working to plant multiplying, healthy, reproducing churches before 2020.

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Our Vision

To see the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ blessing villages in India.

Our Mission

To reach out 1,00,000 villages 300 People Groups where the Spirit of God is actively working

by recruiting and training 20,000 local workers to plant healthy, reproducing churches before 2020


Our ministry

The Spirit of the Lord inspired a group of believers who gathered with Dr.N. Emil Jebasingh on 1st May 1980 in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India to pray for God's guidance to reach the listeners of Radio Vishwa Vani and there the ministry was born. Vishwa Vani is a missionary movement registered in New Delhi under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 having its registration No.17871/87.

L.E.G (Learn, Enrich, Grow)

To ensure that the new believers grow in the word of God , L.E.G (Learn, Enrich, Grow) centers are conducted once a week in a believer's house by providing them systematic Bible Study tools of audio materials, to grow in the Word and as a witnessing community.

Field Survey work

Before starting the ministry in an area a thorough Field Survey is done so as to find out any other mission or church is functioning in that area. Being assured through the survey findings that the area is unreached, a mission field is identified at the center village, where the seekers are living most. The Vishwa Vani maintains comity with other organizations.

Seekers Meeting

Seekers Meetings are conducted for the keen seekers from the mission field. Seekers are called to a meeting point in the village for an evangelistic one-day retreat, at the end of which a Decision Form and Home Bible School Initiating Form shall be filled in. Seekers Meeting bridges the broadcasting to church planting.


Vishwa Vani - Fellowship of Vishwa Vani Churches Network adheres to 'adult immersion water baptism', administered by an ordained pastor. It is the regular procedure that the whole family would be baptized. A worship group is formed when 10 baptized believers gather in a particular place on Sunday.

Vishwa Vani Prayer Network

It is a new initiation of motivating existing prayer cells and new prayer cells to pray for the needy villages of India that the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus may open their eyes and bring transformation in the life of the villagers that they may start worshiping the living God and to enjoy all the blessing of the living God.


Jesus said; I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. The Gospel of Jesus is spreading village by village. As a result of the Bible study, they are witnessing their Savior and baptized believers gather to worship in a house as members of a newborn church without any discrimination.

Who Are We

Vishwa Vani is an indigenous church planting movement serving in 29 States of India. The ambition of Paul, said in Romans.15:20, “It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation” is the objective of Vishwa Vani.

Native Workers, Indian Support, Local churches are our key strategies. Since its beginning in 1987, the missionary organization has been experiencing a new apostolic age, much like what the early church enjoyed. At present there are 3887 full time staff ministering in this Great Bharatham.

The community of believers are a blessing to their neighbors through their witness, unity, service and love. They bring reconciliation to the nation, irrespective of their religion, color and caste barriers. Ministry in the villages and among people groups bring total transformation through new life in Christ Jesus and mobilizes the underprivileged towards educational, social, community and economic development.





Ministry Glance as on 31-march-2018
3887 - Full time Native Workers
321 - People Groups Reached
176 - Districts web centers are formed
1553 - Web Centers
8024 - Villages where ministry is carried
6641 - Bible Study Groups
2825 - Churches Planted
977 - Church Buildings Constructed
174 - katcha churches made
11 - Child Care Centers
- English Medium School
40 - Training Centers

Native Workers.

Our first strategy is ministry through native workers. That is the language of the people where a worker is sent to toil, should be the mother tongue of that worker.
This strategy is to deny completely the concept of harvesting the work by cross-cultural evangelism.
When the Vishwa Vani Movement was registered in 1987, there were only 42 workers. After 32 years today 3887 workers are spread all over the country.

Through the financial support of the Indian believers, fields are opened and workers are appointed. The Lord is a living God who has been leading us thus far to send Field Workers with the support received from the Vishwa Vani saving boxes and through village adoption received from churches, prayer cells and families. We believe The Mighty God will help us send many more workers.

Bible Study Groups

Bible Study Groups are setup to teach the gospel to seekers and lead them to take life changing decisions. Systematic Bible Study Group is started in the house of a keen seeker or the village headman, where other seekers and neighbors gather to listen to the gospel.
It is a weekly gathering, conducted on a particular day and time that is suitable for the seekers. 
Seekers are encouraged to be a witness to others. Opportunities are given to them to express their decisions. The church planters pray for the sick, evil possessed and for other needs of the people.
Before setting up a study group, the church planters visit the seekers’ houses to counsel and invite them to the meeting.

Home Bible Schools

Systematic weekly Home Bible Schools are started in the house of a keen seeker, where other listeners gather for knowing the Gospel. Home Bible Schools are conducted in the day and time suitable for the seekers. Seekers are encouraged to witness and opportunities are given for decision. House visiting, counseling, prayer for sick and evil possession and social activities are the routine of a field worker.


Church Construction:


When the House Church has 10 baptized adult members, it becomes Worship Group. As the membership grows to 25 it qualifies to have a temporary shed which is built with the help of the local believers. This type of building is called Type 1 church. The necessity of better church building arises when the membership grows to 50. To build a church, a piece of land with minimum 2,400 square (60*40) feet area is needed. Local believers donate land for construction. If there is no such provision, lands are bought. The church believers fill the church construction form and send as per procedure. When the land is registered legally in the name of the Society, the form will be accepted and church construction will be initiated as per the availability of funds. Type 1 church costs Rs.3 lakhs For a worship group with 50 members, Semi Pakka church, called as Type 2 church, will be constructed. To build a Semi Pakka church having asbestos or Tiles or tin sheets as its roof, in 600 square feet, costs Rs.5 lakhs. The local believers extend their voluntary help of watering and manual laboring during the construction. When the church membership crosses 100, a permanent structure is constructed with RCC roofing. This Type 3 church costs Rs.7 lakhs.


Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached in remote regions in India. Miracles and wonders are every day events. People turn from darkness to the true and living God. Day by day, believers confess their faith in Christ through baptism and join the local churches for worship, fellowship and edification.
The Holy Spirit is at work. Receptive People Groups are identified through survey.  Native workers, who are selected and trained for field ministry, are sent to Web Centers.  Every worker ministers in 5 villages.
Ministry is spread in and among 321 Language / People Groups in 29 States of India.
Staying in 1553 Web Centers, presently 3887 fulltime staffs bring blessings to 8024 villages.  
God’s Word is taught systematically in 6746 Bible Study Groups.
People of God gather in villages to worship the Lord. They grow in faith, have fellowship with one another, and are nourished by the Word.  
Church-Based Training Program helps to develop leadership at all levels.
Medical camps and tailoring classes help underprivileged villagers and young girls respectively.   
Prayer and financial support is raised through Prayer Groups, Village Adoptions and Saving Boxes.  All believers are actively participating in the ministry, providing leadership in prayer groups and promoting the mission-vision among fellow believers.
Thanks to the generous contributions of Indian believers, by which church buildings have been constructed in 977 villages (exculding 174 temporary Churches).
1,45,000 homes receive ‘Samarpan’ the monthly magazine, published in 10 Indian languages for prayer and involvement.